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I am a wife that really likes her sub boys; granted it is my secret that I would never tell hubby about ever lady needs her naughty fun secrets. I am one of those wives that will take you in the backroom for some hot sexy fun. I have discovered that I really enjoy anal play it can be mine or perhaps we will get the toys out and it can be yours. Men that are bisexual turn me on so much watching a man give another man a blowjob is just flat out sexy. I like girls on occasion but bi men are far more a turn on to me. When it comes to sex people tend to forget that teeth can be very sensual biting done the right can cause butterflys and goose bumps everywhere. I have been playing around with bondage and discovering that I really like tying people up especially men I like rope the best a silky rope that feels good is just wonderful. I think tying someone up with pantyhose is wonderful after teasing them all night with those nylons. I do not like handcuffs that much to me they are just not as sexy to play with. I am often asked if I am a cocktease absolutely I am a tease and enjoy every second of being one. I am a cougar I am in my mid 40's and greatly enjoy this title. There is something about taking a much younger man and giving him specific cum eating instructions while teasing his throbbing cock over and over. The desperation on his face is such a turn on, he desperately wants to get off and I just want to keep him worked up as long as I can. I have a few sissy friends that are all about learning to be girly its fun to have boyish girls do all my dish washing while wearing high heels and french maids outfits. I like to take them tie them up walk out of the room and tell them to practice escaping if they fail then I will take my largest toys and give them double anal. Whatever the fun is I am all in enjoying my sexuality.

I am a married lady who's husband is rarely at home. The first couple of years I was a good wife, but then I started to get bored. A bored wife is a dangerous wife and I have become very dangerous. I discovered leather, whips, nipple clips, handcuffs, and rope Oh! glorious rope. Hubby would never approve! I won't ever tell though. I greatly enjoy my subby men that come over and play with all my new found things. High heel boots against my subbies testicles is such a gorgeous site for me. I always wear bright red lipstick and enjoy making your bottom the same shade as that I wear on my lips. Give me a call and lets have some Mistress Subby Fun.

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