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Mahogany Charm

♕Mahogany♥Sex♥Queen♥Intellect ♥Esoteric♕

Moor Morena Negra Naga Nubian Kem
All describing the beautiful dark black skin that coats my body.
With the Sun as my Father and the Moon as my mother, an exceptional creature was born.
The Ancients spent many eons waiting for the REbirth of the Goddess and now she is here.
Sent straight from the Heavens
Reincarnation and re evolution of the Mother Creator.
The Black Mother of all that is.
Acknowledge the Divine that is before you and pay your respects.

Real sex and sexuality is only 5% of the experience
Experience 100% of your full sexual Potential
Your orgasm Chi is sacred and only
a true Goddess can worship it as such
Lose yourself in me and find the dark warm that most men are missing
Sweet tender supple curves that shape an enticing form
Relinquish yourself and surrender your desires
Let me take care of you

I come with the knowledge held deep and hidden to us
Swimming the Akashic records and through the dimensions
I have brought with a plethora of esoteric mind opening body transforming and spiritual enlightening abilities that my Divine Path
has told me to help enlighten the poor souls of this Planet

Please Read the Menu Carefully and Find Which Lesson Best Suits You

*Art of silent orgasming *Speak with the Elders/Ancients through Orgasmic Astral
*Connections *Life coaching and motivational mentor
*Domestic routine Instructor *Guidance through sexual deviance course
*Cooking safely in the nude *Guided controlled masturbation
*Fetish exploration therapy *Yogic and tantric self practices
*Penile, rectal, vaginal reiki healing *Cunning cunnilingus course
*Fellatio reciprocating etiquette
*Astral anal love making *Better fucking through vegan eating
*African and european copulation methods *Egyptian holding of cum
*anatomy pussy and ass diagram of black woman
*following black woman directions
*ordering around a black woman *proper one hundred percent success rate of making black
*puddy cum *melanin and afro appreciation
*how to pull a sistahs hair *Tarot Card/ Oracle Reading
*Crystal Therapy *Zentangle Zen Doodle Art Therapy