Phone Sex

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What's up guys? I'm Chloe, and like my name says, I cum HARD! So here's the deal. I just finished two years of community college and I started at a four-year university. I'm the first person in my family to EVER go to college! I don't want to disappoint my parents by having to drop out, so I need to make money. Because of that fact, I'm working on NiteFlirt...and I absolutely LOVE IT!

I'm no stranger to sex. I've been fucking and sucking all over campus! And it's always gotten me what I needed. My parents are paying my tuition, so the deal was, I'd pay for all my other expenses. I need books, care insurance, gas cell phone, and the occasional money to party! That's where you cum in.

I promise you this. I'll be logged into NiteFlirt A LOT! Even when I'm in class (I'll happily walk out to take care of you...I can always get notes from a girlfriend). And I will be the hottest phone sex you've ever had! I'll be sweet, dirty, innocent, name it! I love to push your buttons, and I love taboo role-play.

If you call me (and by call me I mean use your fingers, tongue, big cock, and other things if you're twisted enough to think of them), I will go above and beyond to be your dirty little phone whore! I'll make you feel things no wife or girlfriend has, and will never be able to make you feel! You see, I've fully accepted that I am, in fact, a phone whore! I will be offering my body and my mind to you for the next few years, and you are doing a good thing by helping to keep me in college.

If you took the time to read this far, I should reward you! Email me through NiteFlirt and I'll send you back a very explicit MP3 so you can hear my voice, and a totally nude pic!

I hope to talk (and fuck) soon!

Kisses Baby!! Chloe