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Bad Housewife is a label I wear proudly but also secretly. I have enjoyed every call I take on Niteflirt. I like that we can be so naughty together and it is just our secret no one else has to know. I am an all natural I have very large natural GG breasts and I decided a few years ago that I will no longer shave my pussy. I really like having it long I play with it when I am by myself and having a lover suck on that hair is a huge turn on for me. I like a big hard young cock something my hubby no longer has when I do get to see him. I like to deep throat a cock that is a raging hard on. I have recently noticed that all the neighbor ladies seem to not enjoy my new choice in bikini they whisper to themselves and will not meet my looks. That is okay I like my itty bitty bikini that looks like my breasts are ready to burst out of. I do not think me having a naturally big butt helps the matter any but it makes me laugh at them. When their husbands walk up the alley and I am out at the pool I enjoy making them watch my bouncing boobs it just seems like a fun thing to do. I know that they see me as egregious but they will never have the courage to actually say anything to me. It is fun to make them have a civil conversation with me.
I have recently been reading up on CFNM (clothed female naked male) and while I do not think I could ever get a number of ladies gathered up to have a true one of these sessions. I like the thought of me being dressed up and you naked in a chair for me to enjoy sensually taunting. It is just one of the many things that I have been exploring in my own mind since starting on here.

I am a terrible wife but hubby has no clue. He is always out of town on business and leaving me alone. I have always had a very big sexual appetite. He is so vanilla too a woman needs more positions than missionary and bent over. I was home all alone watching tv one late night and heard about this site I just had to come check it out. This is my dirty little secret he will never know. Let's talk about your secret desires and mine I will not tattle on you as long as you don't tattle on me. I really enjoy dressing sexy but have no one to admire what I wear let me dress up and be naughty with you.

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