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I am A SpoiledBlackPrincess who effortlessly has her way with a weak hypno-boy like yourself simply because I am the GODDESS of your deepest desires who understands and GETS you. I guide, train and condition you into the induction of a state of consciousness in which you lose the power of your voluntary actions, highly responsive to suggestions I command revolving:

  • Forced Bi
  • Sissy Feminization
  • Small Penis Humiliation

You will discover a MORE indepthness of who and what you truly are once I push your specific mind-triggers & emotional love-buttons even while you are fully awake and aware. I have the POWER to keep you highly addicted and obsessed as you are now prepared to enter into my Goddess-Worship Realm of RELIGION surrounding:
  • Financial-Therapy
  • Corporal Punishment
  • Male-Modifications

WIN: It's highly recommended that we establish specifics in exactly what your fetishes are that align with what I enjoy having fun with. The more detailed, the easier your session works for you along with insuring there's enough sufficient funds in your account to cover your successful executed goal in mind.

LOSE: A minimum of 10min+ to open yourself up with me as I am not a mind-reader. Topics that have nothing to do with hypno revolving short-term phone-bone-prowlers with limited talk approaches "hey baby" or "nothing just calling" are [blocked]