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♡Governess Charlie Makes You Her Pet ♡

Miss Charlie,Your Governess
"Am I really going to let myself be brought low by someone with such a young and sweet face?" You're curious, you'd want to see if I can do it. And the answer is that I can. I know that I am better than you. You know that I am better than you and I will continuously use this fact against you as my build myself up over you and make you my little pet. You and your sorry little dick are mine to control. We will do this my way. I will not dress up to fit some idiotic pre-conceived stereotype of what a domme is supposed to look like just so you can get off easier. This is my playing field and you are the lower life form of the pair of us. I am your governess, I shall instruct you on how to act, how to talk, and how to present yourself when you are in my presence. I can be truly bratty and sadistic, wanting only two things: 1) your money 2) your suffering. It pleases me to laugh at you, to hurt you, all while being paid for it. You crave my instruction because the closest you can ever come to being with an exotic seductress as I is to let her lord over you.

Things I Can Do To You

SPH-ridicule your sorry grass blade of a cock for as long as it pleases me to; Tease and Denial-Lord over your cock as I tease you with my wonderful body and refuse to let you cum;Ignore You-Watch helplessly as I go about my business without saying a word to you, letting you beg for my attention in the background;Pain Play-This is not a CBT line, however that doesn't mean you will get away without experiencing pain as I watch;Verbal Humiliation and Degradation-Listen in shame as I impart my brutally honest opinions and analysis of you; Roleplaying- as a cheating, dissatisfied girlfriend; General conversation/support-I am not all evil, I can offer good company as long as you ask nicely; Kink Shaming- Because I probably find you and your fetishes disgusting and am not afraid to tell you so; Body Worship- Worship every delectable inch of me

It is imperative that you follow Miss Charlie's rules

There will be no racist, sexist, transphobic slurs of any kind. That includes f*gg*t, tr*nny, ch*nk, n*gg*, and c*nt (yes, I consider c*nt to be a sexist slur) amongst others. There will be no asking or begging for more than what you have already paid for. Nor will there be any talking back to Miss Charlie. If you think for a second that I equate humiliation/degradation with feminization. You may show yourself the fuck out. There is nothing degrading about a man who exhibits feminine behavior, you misogynistic pigs. If you do anything to upset or irritate me, I will most certainly consider that grounds to punish or, more likely, block you.