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One upon a time, there was a girl who dreamed of power and control over men. Her dream came true through hypnosis and hypnotic suggestion.
Men have always wanted to buy me. They buy me dinner, shoes, vacations or jewelry. But they only do this as a front to control what I eat, wear or go. Taking a man's money becomes something different when I invade his mind. Then the money becomes power I am taking away from him.
Invading your mind will be as simple as snapping my fingers -- one, two, three -- and I am inside you. The tributes are just a measure of how good I really am at grabbing your cock and your cash at the same time.
That's where the downward spiral begins, that's where your addiction to my control begins as I take you deeper and deeper into my spell.
Raising my rates, tributes, orgasm denial are just a few of my options for exploiting your wealth. Soon all your extra income will be mine to do with as I wish. I make all the choices, your only choice is to give or be dismissed like a naughty student who doesn't learn his lessons. I am sure you don't want that to happen.
I will have you in line soon enough. Seduction takes time, and time will complicate your ability to escape as I implant triggers to make you cum only on my command. That turns me on, it excites me to make you pay again and again.
Even the complications of reaching me start to turn you on. You feel helpless and hard. The perfect place for you to begin your payments.

Mistress Wynona's Specialties Include: hypnosis, hypnotic persuasion, NLP, erotic hypnosis, giantress shrinking, forced orgasm, orgasm on command, sexual fantasies while hypnotized, zombie slaves, amnesia tribute slaves, hypnosis/patient fantasy role play, sissy fantasies, sissy transformation, forced bisexual hypnosis, mental bondage, hypnogasm, orgasm control, tease and denial, identity transformations, public exposure, alien sex, bitch training, fantasy enslavement, brain erasure, power orgasm, forced dancing, cuckold, breath control, hypnotic chastity, implanted triggers, and trance induction control. Onward and upward, your time spent with me, while pleasurable, will be quite beyond your control. Prepare your account by having sufficient funds for a 30 minute session.