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yes im back, I couldn't stay away that long... I crave guys like you wanting to do what ever I desire.but then again what girl wouldn't want that. I might be young but it didn't take me long to see what older men need,.Im sorry did I say what men need? I meant what I need. let me tell you a little about me, I love adult stores I always have, going in there and watching strangers do things that they are so ashamed of doing outside and don't want anyone to know that. Sometime I turn my camera on and start recording, I love the videos I take, they are so much better than porn. If you saw what I had you would close the door when you go in those places. But I know guys that go cant help it, like a itch that you can help but scratch. I love to listen to those things you don't want anyone else to know about, I crave it, to have as much on you as I can. Worshipping me is a must! ass worship is the best, I have friends that ask me all the time why do you love it so much! when I am sitting on a bitch face its like im sitting on a stool, and I think of getting my insides cleaned, a warm tongue cleaning you out for nothing I feel so brand new. like going through a fucking car wash, and paying nothing. Its a big rush I loose so much control that sometime I might smother you. I just don't care enough to stop you know what I mean! of course you do that's why you always come back for more