Phone Sex

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Nobody made history by saying, "no"!

Maybe there is a few people who made history by saying no... But I promise you, you will remember me =) I'm brand spanking new (mmm spanking... you want one too?) to phone calls.. I have plenty of personal practice via sexting, though! Can't wait to see what kinda trouble I get into with this! Roll the dice, call me up, let's get to it! I want nothing more than get freaky (or tame?) on my phone with a hot and bothered fella (or a classy broad like myself)! I have selected $2.13 per minute as it is my lucky number. Yes, I am quirky. 2:13 is always a good time to pause an adult vid online.... Test it out!! I am a "professional" "procrasturbator"... Meaning I am always rubbing one out instead of attending to pressing issues or tasks. Its been a blessing and a curse so far.... So... Listen to me, or I'll listen to you, let's have an experience to remember ;) Ps I love sharing naughty stories about sexual exploits... Let's relive our favorite moments and get each other off! Ps I also love porn!! I love to talk about it. I love getting off with it. I love learning new tricks from it.