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Ava Jade

Smoking SEXY Doctor with RED HOT Lips

Dr. Ava Jade
Cock Control Counselor & Addictions Therapist

Red hot lips curled around white puffs of smoke... Smoking in many more ways than one!

Foot freak? Fetishist? Deviant? Submissive? Closet queer? Masturbation addict? Panty sniffer? Crossdresser? Phonesex addiction? Or do you have some OTHER dirty little secret you are just ACHING to confess?

My name is Dr. Ava Jade. There is a perfectly good explanation as to why My photo isn't plastered all over My NF listing, but you don't mind, do you? Afterall it is My RED HOT lips that most interest you. They drag across the butt of My long cigarette and I allow the smoke to slip from My most awesome lips... I am a legitimate addiction counselor in a large correctional facility in Northern Florida (perhaps practicing in a prison environment has aroused My dark side...) As you may imagine, it may not sit so well with some of My colleagues or former patients if they knew I was talking to dirty little perverts in My spare time...

But, you see, it is such a pleasure to play with you in a way that is entirely different than any other experience you've had with NiteFlirt (or anywhere else for that matter). The truth is, I so enjoy toying with those I know have "issues"... I love hearing your twisted and perverted confessions of dirtiness and desire. I want to know the secrets you keep buried so deep within your psyche that no one has ever truly touched upon. I find these secrets DELICIOUS. This is an experience like none other... The next level of mind fuckery.

Think twice before dialing My digits. You may be opening doors that you are not prepared to explore behind... But, ohhhh, THE JOURNEY! I will drain the darkest, deepest most dangerous desires from you... and that is just the beginning. So, come with Me... Learn My soothing voice and slightly vindictive (perhaps self-serving?) ways... Confess, spill your innermost fantasies to Me. Submit to My soft, sensual, purring voice as you release all of you to My control.