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Kally Morgan

Let this sweet Canadian Princess CONTROL your life!


I’ve played many roles in my life thus far: student, scientist, traveler and photographer. In my present life I play author, writer and athlete. My real life nickname? Principessa, or Princess, and I am a princess. I get anything and everything I want because I am a true mind fuck. I may look and sound sweet but very few know the real me. The money hungry vindictive bitch with big dreams to fund. YOU my pet will be funding each and every one of them!

I am and I will always be better, stronger and smarter than you will ever be. I love to crush weak little men beneath my pretty little feet because I can and because that is what I truly desire. You will OBEY every word I speak and cater to my every need. Be prepared to worship my perfect ass, my gorgeous tits and my pretty little feet. If I command you to get on your knees because I want to abuse your dirty ass simply because it brings me pleasure, OBEY.

What are my own kinks besides crushing and controlling you? To be honest, I don’t mind a little role reversal sometimes and allowing someone to treat me like a dirty bitch whore. If you ask to put it in my tight little ass, it’s likely I won’t be able to resist but I find it much more pleasurable to abuse yours. Raise the rate games? Obviously I love them. Spanking, really rough sex, pussy licking. Love them. Extreme punishment? It’s yours. I love proving how much stronger than you I really am. Tease and denial? Absolutely love it because I OWN YOU. You don’t get to cum until I say you can. I may even ban you from rubbing or cumming until I see fit! Humiliation? If that’s what you want, please let me know because I love putting tiny dicked cock suckers right in their place. Forced bi and feminization. Love them. Others, special requests? Just let me know. And for you non submissive boys, you could always give me a try. I like to bite, a lot, but I can take it easy on ya if you ask politely.

What could I possibly do for you? Many ideas come to mind...

1. Ill turn you into my own personal slut making you wear my corset, stilettos and lipstick and we all know every slut needs a good fucking sometimes. Only, I can't decide if I’d like to fuck your pussy with my pretty stilettos or my 10 inch strap on cock.
2. I’ll make you stroke your puny little prick until you’re about to cum but I WON’T LET YOU. When I do, I'll likely force you to eat it like the cum sucking little whore you are.
3.I will force you to take a big black cock down your throat. Don't be surprised if I pleasure myself or laugh as you complete your task.
4. I will make you lick and kiss my precious ass until I cum. When I do, you will lick every fucking drop from my legs.
5. I will tie you to a chair in a corner and make you watch me fucked silly all the while reminding you that I OWN YOU.
6.If I do let you touch my precious princess pussy I’ll squirt my sweet cum down your throat and make swallow every drop

For those of you shy boys who'd like to introduce yourselves first or for my dedicated pay pigs and slaves, you can buy my Skype ID below Please note, if you spam my messenger, I will block you. I will be starting cam sessions November 2014. I WILL NOT be doing any form of nudity on cam.

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