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Worldly God

The ☠PURGE☠ is on! Save Yourself ➳ ☎ ME NOW!

Haters Going to Hate! The Purge is on this weekend for full contact smash mouth phone sex with an Anarchist!
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NiteFlirt Dominion of Worldly God Damion

Here's My Proof of Life! Where is Theirs?

Well if you like your men loaded with testosterone I just finished a brief refresher course in community gladiator collage (As opposed to Prison 'Dan' that's the Ivy League) I'm happy to report my warrior credentials remain in tact and I am horny as hell!

What are your limits Worldly God? I don't suck dick, I don't take it up the ass, anything else filthy or fantastic just makes you more fun when in play. My only limits are how much you hold back by being shy. I've done hard time lived as an outlaw biker and before that a soldier at war. Nothing in your insignificant delights can possibly be revolting stacked against my life.

The exploration of what makes you itch is something to which I am committed. It is my demonic Provence to revel in your strolls through the gutter, and drive you madly to its underbelly. I am The Omega Alpha Male why should I fear any level of sexuality subtle or severe?

Skype is still free with call ($1.50 per minute), but you better hurry up and take advantage. In the new year face time with WG Damion will cum at a premium!

With the world going bat shit crazy I am your cock rock, and as long as your paying I'll never leave you. Even when you stop paying and the phone hangs up I shall linger like a humiliating fart, reminding you how much your life stinks. Foul that stench is without my man musk to temper the focus of your lust. I am the way and the bleeding light of your life, embrace me, and never go hungry. Taste me and be degraded into that special place where everything you will ever need boils down to 3 words "More Please Master" in any variation the meaning is the same.

When you call (Or advance email) let me know what you want such as Role Play, Real Time Domination, or humiliating conversation about your most exotic kinks. No matter what I'm there for you. Just try to be smarter than saying "I'm up for anything man... DOH!" How much fun can our time be if I'm pulling triggers 14 inches away from where you like to roam? Fuck that you work hard for that money you're giving to me, and I'm just greedy enough to care about your needs being met.

Little Kink List: (If you don't see yours just ask I got you)
Racial Humiliation
Prison Boss/Prison Play (Ask me for details)
Panty Boy Swatter
Androphile (Worshipers of Man Gods!)
Macro Fetish (Shrink/Giant)
Self Loathing Goading
Disgruntled Employee
Edge Play
Dungeon Debutante
Pimp Life
Foot Worship
Intimate Prosthetic Placement Adviser
Statue of Pity
Fart Fanning
Cum Eater Dietitian
Glory Hole Advisory
Meat Puppet Master
Str8 Guy/Fag
Trophy Thug
Face Sitting
Role Playing Doctor
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