Phone Sex

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I am a model from ATL with a perfect body, face & attitude. You know.. the "middle finger" attitude. That's about all you'll get from me while I'm fucking my boyfriend's monster cock & shopping on your money.


Honestly, I'm used to the attention. I am a model after all.I've learned to use it to my advantage. I get *paid* for people to look at me--and now *you* are lucky enough to have the same privilege!! I make men weak and then I take all of their cash. It's just too easy.

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Step 4

Don't think I don't see you creepers clicking on buttons hoping to get a freebie to jack it to. You're so pathetic. I know you're stroking it to my pics, so just "man" up and PAY YOUR TAXES. I'm even gonna throw you a "bone" (LOL) and give you a pic when you pay.

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