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I am The Queen Goddess, financial domme of 7 years and still loving every dollar & minute of it.

Beautiful, smart & powerful--these are all obvious qualities that I possess. You know, the ones you crave? But here's what you need to understand--I LOVE doing this shit. I'm the REAL DEAL. I don't just love money, I love taking it from you and making it MINE. I love draining your bank account of bill & necessity money into my shopping, traveling, & doing whatever the fuck else I want account. I'm not here to pay my bills. I do not treat this as a job. This is pure fun & pleasure for me, and I'm sure it will be for you also. (That is, if you're the type of piggy bank that I like to keep around. I guess we'll see...)

Nothing thrills me more than laughing at how pathetic you are while I spend frivolously. The deeper you sink, the happier I get. And in this relationship, that's all that matters.

Look at all these credit cards--do you think I pay for any of them? lol

Having a particularly rough time handling your finances today or this week? I'll be sure to give you some humiliating financial ball-busting task to help keep you on track. For example, how about you fast today while I make it a point to send you pictures of all the delicious food I'm eating at restaurants on what used to be your money? This is the type of shit that thrills me. I laugh my ass off at losers like you.

Sound fun? Curious? Looking for a few of my words to hang on or just have some burning questions that you *need* answered? Drop me a mail--it's the best way to contact me if you're a new applicant. Yes, applicant. You didn't think I would let just any little piggy into my world, did you?

Financial Slave Application $10