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My Experience

I have over 12 years of experience in sex work, helping men overcome issues surrounding their desires and their bodies all along the way. I’ve worked with the disabled and the shy. I’ve helped those with erectile dysfunction learn how to reconnect with their sensuality. I’ve seen submissive men blossom into strong self-respecting nurturers. I’ve helped awkwardly aggressive men channel their strengths.

I’ve made my own porn and worked as an escort. For several years I ran my own BDSM studio where I taught women how to responsibly and effectively take control of their sexuality, and taught men how to lead a balanced life of service and self-care. I was mentored by Madame Cléo Dubois. I was featured in an MTV documentary. I’ve published articles in $pread magazine and published erotic photography all over the web. My “other” job is that of feature film producer. But I also make music, do sound design for movies, and write books.

I’ve been known by many names: Sister Secret Sandwich, Artvamp, Echo Transgression, Echoplasm, Mistress Zaynab, and Strepsata, as well as my given name. I prefer to be called Strepsata at this time.

My Philosophy

My philosophy is a holistic one. Sexuality is intimately connected to everything you do. If you seek my advice, expect me to inquire about all areas of your life to get a full picture of how I can best help you. I have formal education in both fine art and Vedanta – the ancient Indian philosophy and practices of balancing body and mind. Using all I know, my goal is to help you become more authentic and fulfilled in your intimate life.

In heterosexual dynamics, I believe in female led relationships. This helps offset the effects of patriarchal power ingrained in our current society. Rape culture is real and prevalent. One of my goals is to dismantle the so-called “bro-code” wherein women are viewed as a reward for a man’s success or an accessory to add to his prestige among other men. I also like to challenge beauty standards – or rather the images pushed by mass media intended to get women to buy product after product in order to alter or augment their natural beauty. This framework is in no way intended to take power away from men, but rather to create balance in which women can both accept and assert themselves and men can relax, respect and share control. It’s not always about training men (unless the man gains enjoyment form being trained by his partner, and his partner also enjoys such control), but it is about learning, opening and listening. It is not a negation of masculinity, but a celebration of inherent strengths of the masculine and feminine in all of us.

Of course some of us do not fit within the heterosexual male/female dynamic, and though not my specialty, I’m knowledgeable, open and willing to discuss issues of gender flexibility.

In my consultations, I practice active listening followed by leadership and guidance. I offer a “safe space” for you to explore your authentic self and begin to voice you secret desires.

Holistic BDSM

I’m very knowledgeable about all things BSDM, so if you are new to it and have questions in that regard, I’m here to help. Because I am also well versed in nutrition, meditation and health, and knowledgeable about healing body and mind, I take a lifestyle approach to BDSM. I am willing to take on servants, slaves, and submissives via long-distance training. I’m a combination life coach and play partner. I’m also willing to teach couples or advise women in regard to female-led relationships. I can show you how BDSM can offer healing, pleasure and intimacy to your life and relationships.

CONTACT ME NOW for consultations, or for fun. Ask me anything.