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The Wicked Barbie

Do you dare have Abrasex with me & filly they cup?

I am casting an actual spell over your worldly assets.
Just imagine not being able to say no. You will love the feeling of giving in, and letting go. It feels so good to just let that money flow out of your hands and into mine. You will not and cannot resist.
My desire for your assets transcends greed. It goes far deeper. You will contribute to the coming age of the rule of women; and I, with my devious duality, shall control your every last cent with no mercy. No mercy, for mercy is for worthless causes.
Give & Gain is my motto; or rather, Give to Gain. The Value of all you give will be returned in ways of equal Worth. Within the ad infinitum circle you will truly be losing nothing, for you will Gain of one when you Give of another. In the end we will both Gain more than was Given.
I can and do promise you that you shall indeed spend forth with delight.
The spell has been cast. Come forth and spend thy money on this worthy cause.
Pleasure through Payment.
Satisfaction through Spending.
Gaining by Giving.
The cause is just. The reason is proper. The purpose is logical. The method is correct. The meaning is comprehensible. Follow me down this righteous path. Follow me until you have nothing to follow me with anymore. Follow me into Monetary Agnosis; through which you shall gain Gnosis.
If you desire the merciful side of my duality, quickly run to one of my "Light" listings within my truth of being of the Dual "Dark-Light;" for once you enter my snare here, escape shall be meaningless.

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