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Therapist Samantha Summers

Deep, probing, intense mind modification

Welcome to central processing. Before we start our session, you must complete the intake application. It may be necessary to ask potentially embarrassing questions. Please respond to all questions as accurately as possible.
You've stepped into my world of your own volition; no matter what your intentions were, your desires mattering ended at the door. You are in my playground now, and you will never step back out; whether you like it or not.
The baseline emotion towards you is indifference. Silly boys are not worthy of hatred. Why waste the energy on you and your ilk? Harsh interrogation methods may be necessary to treat you, but I will NEVER self-disclose. Or rather, if I do,it will be with purpose and not to stroke your baseless needs. The balance of power remains in my court.
Silly men consumed with vanity assume they are worthy of strong emotion. Let us redefine what a strong woman is, and not via your definition. You are stupid, senseless males with no direction, and often deserve what you get. Please note that my observations are made with clarity and neutrality.

In order to make you a better man, you must submit to my re-indoctrination methodology.


As I have stated time after time, balance is key in maintaining a healthy mental state of mind.
Now it is time that we meld the psychological and physical in order to lead you into your own personal nirvana.
I must warn you, I can be as strict as I can be kind, and as the saying goes, at times, "It's cruel to be kind." Thus, if I am harsh, it's simply for your own good. Just call it for what it is... Some Therapeutic "TOUGH LOVE!"

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