Phone Sex

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You're on your knees, blindfolded with your wrists tied to your ankles. You think of how exposed you are, wearing nothing but a little pair of lacy panties, your Mistress' panties. They barely cover your pathetic manhood. Your pulse quickens as you hear Her heels clicking as She paces around you. You have no idea when, or even if your Mistress will touch you. How does it feel? Being completely at the mercy of a beautiful, powerful Mistress. You are powerless. You feel the ropes binding you loosen and be removed. You are pushed forward so you are on your hands and knees. You feel a cold, smooth fabric rub against your behind but as quick as it came, it was gone. Without warning, you feel the sharp sting of hard leather against your tingling cheeks. It hurts. But it's oh, so good. You feel her assault you a few more times and just as you are beginning to enjoy the sweet pain, it is gone. You suddenly feel something slick and cold press against your entrance and your head is roughly pushed down. Your heart jumps into your throat and you feel heat rush throughout your body as a foreign object beginning it's assault of your delicate, lubricated hole. You revel in the fullness as you become aware of a butt plug pushed all the way into you. Your ass is given another sharp sting and you hear the click of your Mistress' heels again as she walks away and slams the door. You are alone.