Phone Sex

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Located in London, England, Mistress Anna is one of the elite.

Everything about Anna is decadent: the exquisite sound of her voice, the grace and beauty of her body, and her deliciously deviant mind.

She is a highly educated and intelligent woman. Her intellect and dominance will leave you feeling weak, vulnerable and submissive. As she starts to take ownership of you, your thoughts will no longer be your own.

She will take over your mind. You will become addicted until every part of your soul feels that it belongs to her.

The thought of a beautiful girl like myself using you for your money makes you ache. It makes you throb. You know, deep down, that all you are to me is a walking wallet. A human piggy bank, destined to be destroyed as I raid you, emptying you of everything that you have.

Spend. Spoil. Submit.

It's that simple.

Pay for my coffee - $10

Pay for my manicure - $50

Pay for me to buy new lingerie - $250

Pay for a shopping spree - $500

Fill up my piggy bank / savings account - $999

Better yet, tribute, and tribute again. Empty your account.

Do it.