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True dominance is a myth

Once upon a time, this was a listing searching for a truly dominant man. I hoped he would come along and lead me down the path of submission in a mutually erotic and endearing way. But... I’ve concluded that doesn’t exist. At least, not here. Not on NiteFlirt. The “dominant men” here want nothing more than to either abuse a woman or sit back and dictate to her whatever it is his repulsive desires want her to do. It’s both disgusting and hysterical. I’m not the least bit interested in your version of dominance, whether it be “tough love” or “I’m actually a strong man and want to control you in a subtle way”. Both are asinine considering you’re paying me, not dominating me. If you end up calling me anyway because you’re too dense to have actually read this... well, then, that’s your problem. That means you’re nowhere near intelligent enough to be on my level anyway. Original listing: I hear so much about what it means to be a dominant man and it seems that for every Dom/sub, there is a different definition. Here is mine: Dominance isn't about cruelty or abuse. It isn't about humiliation or degradation. It's about a man being what all men should strive to be... strong and caring. He needs to understand, uplift, gently guide and always, always be the protector. So, if you're here to treat me as subhuman, to say "get on your knees bitch", to tell me to bark like a dog or to otherwise degrade or disrespect me, then you are in the wrong place. I am not "that kind" of submissive. If you are here looking for the type of submissive who puts her man above all else, if you're looking for a woman who will champion him, stand by his side no matter what, respect his word above all, trust in him beyond anything or anyone else, jump over a cliff for him... that is the kind of submissive I am. In many cases, a submissive is merely a strong person searching for a stronger person.