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Intelligent, sane, different financial domination

We all know money is power. You work hard for it, and it's a representation of your worth. Most of your waking hours are spent in pursuit of it. But you long to see it taken from you or to give it to someone that understands. From how I see, financial domination takes several different forms:
  • Men who feel like they aren't worthy of the money (aka power) they make, like its an honor they are unworthy of. They need a Mistress to take the power away from them, to cleanse them of their undeserved power. Just because you work for something doesn't mean you deserve it. They feel compelled to be free of the burden their money places on them.
  • Men who want a princess to spoil. Maybe your princess is sweet to you and you love to hear her giggle a squeal with delight at what you send her, maybe she's the cold, unforgiving bitch that never gave you the time of day in college. Maybe it's that girl at the supermarket that you've always dreamed about. She doesn't know how much power she could have over you, and you just want to give her everything.
  • Men who love making other people happy with their money without a pretext. They know smart, beautiful women deserve to be spoiled.
  • My name is Ellie, and I am intelligent (check my feedback on other listings), sane, and intuitive. I can read men very well and know how to turn their needs into my needs. Listening is a very important aspect of domination, if one wants to truly own and dominate another. A domme can get inside the heads of their domme much better by listening then by simply yelling. Listening is how I get to you. Don't be scared. This is what you need.

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