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Satans Queens

Satan’s Toy Box – Puppets and Robots

Welcome to our Satanic Play Room

~ Puppets ~

The thought of being mindfucked,
conditioned and transformed
has always appealed to you

And then you happened upon us.
The Evil Mindfucking Force
such as you have never seen before.

Suddenly you find yourself being conditioned
Into a mindless puppet
whose strings are caught in our wickedness

Trained to obey and to perform for
your two Evil Majesties.

Stripped of your own will
Desires of your own no longer matter
It’s our control and our pleasure that come first
All of your thoughts wiped clean by deviant Puppet Queens

You’re nothing but a plaything in a toybox in our Satanic Mansion

# Robots #

MMM how we love to place you into our Transformation Chamber
Using specialized robotizing equipment and powers
to completely alter
your body
and wipe your mind
You will become our completely controlled
You will be unable
to override the directives
we program into you
without going
into self –destruct mode!

ASFR – technoerotica

Bot creation and programming
Mechanical Dreams / Nightmares
will become YOUR REALITY
as we dehumanize you
and turn you into
our Robotic Sex Slave Toy!

Are you ready to be
Inducted into our darkly erotic world
via our combined voices and writings?

Gorge yourself now on our
Audio Recordings and Written Corruptions!

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