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Satans Queens

Succubus and Incubus are stalking their prey

We are the SEX DEMONS of the Night!
The Huntress and Hunter in the dark
Coming to seduce you
Corrupt you
And take your soul!

The seductive lure of being a helpless prey not to just one Queen Succubus
but two is so tempting
You want to give us all your sexual energy,
to feed our Demonic Lust
To have us both taking turns arousing your lust for something dark
and tossing you between us as we drain you
To be our plaything,
a helpless male surrendering
to our charms and wickedness
as we are both feeding on you at the same time.

You know you’re helpless to resist us
and drawn even deeper as we induce your lust filled doom.

When a Succubus of Lilith kind
and a Belini combine their
dark erotic powers
to corrupt and drain you
you are doomed!

Beware the transformational power of the Belini
as she entices you in the form of the Succubus
only to transform into a Tranny Incubus
to corrupt you even further
before this he-she Demon
turns you into a sex slave
in hell for all eternity.

You won’t be able to resist her luscious body
and HIS big hard cock turning you
from straight into a helpless
Fag for her perverted pleasures.

Sending you out
to bring her souls as the corrupted Fag Cum Whore
drinking the essence of men
to deliver their souls to your Owners!

Are you ready to be
Inducted into our darkly erotic world
via our combined voices and writings?

Gorge yourself now on our
Audio Recordings and Written Corruptions!

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Evil Enchantress (Queen of the Night)
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Satanic Goddess
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