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Humiliation of Pre-Mature Ejaculating MicroPenis

That's it? Haha, no really...Is this for real? Hang on, let me grab my phone, I am so sending a picture of this to my friend. Just sit still. Dude, I am gonna flick it, not fuck it. I can't stop giggling. I almost want to invite her over so I can prove this is actually true. Wow, you are such a loser, I figured I could at least get a free dinner out of this, but this is way funnier than I expected. I know you have been like begging to go out with me for ages and I figured what the hell. But this? Hahaha...there are no words. Maybe tiny insignificant dick? Insignificant virgin cock? Micropenis? Hang on, let me hold it up next to my pinky...shit it IS the same size!!! Fuck I am snapping a picture of this too...wait oh my goodness!!! No! Nooo, did you? Did you just....? Oh my gosh you did!!! You totally just dribbled! Ewwww what a premature loser!!!