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David Powers

Perception is the key to reality,let Me warp yours

Are you in need to be OWNED?

Real Financial Domination is when I get inside your mind, body, and soul and I start to groom you.Slowly, methodically I groom you, to get to a place where the only time your little cock gets hard is when you are giving ME money. I am like a drug you can't have enough of. YES it will hurt to give me money, all your hard earned cash, waiting for the next bill to come in. Fin Dom is the ultimate in domination, for it literally has the ability to ruin your life. If you are a true little fin pig, then you know that, and knowing when your money is gone, so am I, well that makes it all the better. Just know I make you weak, I OWN YOU. I will MANIPULATE you to hand over information so that I may fully engulf myself in YOUR LIFE. I will BLACKMAIL you and force you to SUBMIT to all I say. I will control you and your life, as a real ALPHA MALE should. I will infiltrate your DARKEST FANTASIES and push you to go deeper and deeper into Financial Slavery. Now get the fuck out there and go to work and make that hard earned cash for your Master ...$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Are you ready to work together? Ready for the help you need? Well here is my retainer fee to work with Me....

Looking for a Master? I am seeking slaves, contract is waiting to be signed, do you have what it takes? Doubt it...