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The Sex Counselor

 Here are some of the questions you may ask yourself about Sexual Addiction.

1. Do you feel your sexual behavior is often out of control?

2. Do you often feel preoccupied with thoughts about sex?

3. Has your sexual behavior ever created problems for you, your partner or family?

4. Is your sex life making it difficult for you to focus on other things in your life (eg, work)?

5. Do you feel you have to hide aspects of your sexual behavior?

6. Are you often left feeling low or depressed after sex?

7. Have you ever made efforts to change some aspects of your
sexual behavior which resulted in relapse or failure?

8. Have you ever sought any treatment to help with your feelings that
you cannot control your sexual behavior?

Are you sexually promiscuous?

10. Do you purchase pornographic magazines often?

Other Questions You May Have
Confused about your sexuality?
Confess your deepest secrets to someone?

You need to talk to someone anonymously. 
You need someone who is unbiased and willing to LISTEN to your concerns. 

Hello, my name is Aphrodite.
My background is in Behavioral Psychology. 

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