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King Jordan

FinancialTherapy - Addicted? Need help?

I know what you're going through. You feel useless and pathetic and you can't fight the urge to submit and give to men who are better, stronger and better looking than you... like me.


I know how this process works. First, it crosses your mind, then 20 minutes later you're wrestling your mind over who to give your money to. Your dick is hard your heart is racing, your head spinning. You want to give in so bad and you go back and forth in your mind until you finally find someone who is good enough to use you like a whore. But time after time you hand your money over to men who just aren't that good. They don't get into your mind the way you want, they don't control you the way you want, and they don't leave you with that desire to be used by them again. Let's face it... there's only one person like me... Me.


Let me put you back on track! Together we can work out a path that will suit your needs and help you in your journey. We start by creating a financial domination situation for you to adjust to your level of uselessness, then I slowly work with you over time, slowly and surely so there is no shock, until you're right where you need to be!


Click the button below to get a free questionnaire with an optional application and let's get you back on the path to being the person your body craves for you to be!

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*Use this listing/contact me at your own risk! For fantasty/role play purposes only - no actual medical advice is given, while I do have history in psychology and mental health, I am not a medical professional, I am not licensed to help with addiction and recovery, again this is for roleplay purposes ONLY