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A Slave Understands....

You are the subject of an experiment in interstellar travel. You are alone in your craft, going further into the celestial expanse than any human has ever been. You have developed the habit of listening intently to the ambient signals from the stars around you..... Your mind starts to wander and one day you hear what sounds like the most beautiful voice you have ever heard. What is this?


Travel to the very boundaries of space and surrender to the siren song of the Dominiata, curling from planet to planet, reaching out like silken tendrils to envelop the lonely wanderer. Become entranced as you are reminded of your lowliness by Her Light and Her Wisdom. The Dominiata has summoned you....will you answer?

10 mins, $10

I give you permission. That is exactly what I do. I make it ok to let go, to release your worries, and indulge your fantasies. I understand you, whether you know it or not. I know intimately your need to submit to an understanding, warm Mistress. I can have you bound, trained and aching for more before you realize where you are.

I enjoy a range of fetishes, which you should know about so you can better serve Me:

Oh, I am so tickled when you do what I command! This is proof you are thinking of me even when your dick isn’t hard, and thus you earn my respect.

I like to do a more positive feminization. I enjoy being a femme, and I also enjoy making you My girl, even for a bit.

Few things are as fun as a caller who hasn’t come in days or weeks. Will you come or won’t you? I love keeping you dangling, hanging on my every word.

I have exquisite lovers of both sexes I enjoy playing with. And I love to tease you about what they do for me that you cannot.

This ranges from good old fashioned OTK spankings to flogging, caning, etc. A little hard to do over the phone, but this is why you need to play along :)

Trampling, ballbusting, cock-and-ball bondage, chastity cages, and so on. I like finding new and exciting ways to make you hurt in the most personal way!

If you need the intellectual stimulation of a courtesan, a witty and creative companion for a lonely evening, you will be delighted with experiencing Me:
"She was a Phantom of delight/When first she gleamed upon my sight;/A lovely Apparition sent/To be a moment’s ornament." - Wordsworth, "She Was a Phantom of Delight"

I am usually on early afternoon into latenight M-F (I'm on EST). Also, I'm not always right by my computer to check mail all the time, so if you see me on, don't hesitate to call! If I am away, send me NF mail to schedule a call with me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Attention regulars: If you have an appointment, I will hold it for 30 mins. After that, I simply have to take other calls. Communicate with Me and I'll meet you halfway, Domme's honor.

And Mistress spake, saying “‘None is the number of times Mistress shall cam. And the number of times Mistress will cam shall be none. Four will not be on the table, neither wilt thou get her to do it twice, even if one first proceeds to three. Once is right out. When thou realizeth that Mistress will never cam, one can lobbest thou thy “grenade” and decimate a goodly helping of tissues. You, being naughty in my sight, but possessed of manners enough not to pester me, shall be rewarded.

HOWEVER If you want mistress to *watch you* on a *one way only* dealio, you are email me to ask for this politely. I will then set up the chatroom and let you know when it's ready. The link will be then placed in a PTV email back at you. You will pay and then call, and we will connect while you are on the phone. Freebie grubbers/no-shows will be summarily blocked. This ain't my first rodeo.

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