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Goddess Candice

Will Break Your Ego, Arouse, Then Deny You

I'm perceptive, educated, and wise and will read you so well that you might mistake me for a psychic. Consider it a fast track therapy session where we skip the awkward silences and small talk. When you call you should begin by explaining why the fuck you just called me and what you get out of being in the BDSM scene and I will tell you how wrong you are and call you out on your bullshit. What is the pay-off? Why do you rationalize your perverse thoughts and when will you stop pretending you are "normal"? You may think you know why you desire a powerful woman to demean and control you but a sucker like you can't possibly figure that out on your own. Call now to have me pick your brain, pick up on your personality, and then pick you apart and rip you to shreds- for your own good. I'm beyond brutally honest and will give you a look into a real mirror- not that clouded one you've been looking into that has distorted your self perception. Don't be afraid to find out who you really are, it's not as bad as you think. Stop avoiding the issue and finally get that weight lifted off your shoulders, once you know yourself then you can fully enjoy BDSM. If you're honest from the get-go this process will be faster and more effective but it's up to you to decide how much truth you can handle. You can start looking your pathetic loser self in the mirror while asking yourself the question you have been avoiding for so long. But why do that when you can click on the button below to purchase some pictures of Me that will make you even more painfully aware of how inferior you are to Me and how you aren't equipped to please a woman and definitely not a goddess! *If you want to see Me on cam then you have to call My phone with cam line. My skype name is in a goodybag so you can purchase it there or you can call and after a few minutes introduction I'll give it to you if I deem you worthy.