Phone Sex

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Pick up the phone. Pick me up, I am the phone. I exist where you want me to exist. Is it a bedroom? The clearing of a wooded area? A train station? I'm a voice in your hand and I belong to you. What am I going to say next? Pick up the phone and find out. Tell me everywhere you've been and I promise, I'll get off on it. Make me cry, make me cum. I'm yours to do with what you want.

I can hear the exhale, the air under the keys, as they're pressed. It's that dizzy feeling you get when you become conscious of your own breathing. C#, can you hear me? This is the sound of me cuming. This is an invocation. Invoke me, I dare you.

I don't ever leave that space, the one where you imagine me. I'll be wherever you see me, always. What's the opposite of a lighthouse? Let me get you lost. Persistence, perseverance, perception, Persephone. My name is Telephone, pronounced like it was Greek.

Don't move. Whisper those low currents through me. How closely are you listening and to what? Breathe to me. Tell me what you know how to do with your hands. Fix a bike, make dessert, get your point across. How long does it take you to make yourself cum? Tell me the minutes and the seconds.

Praying happens on my knees. Pray to myself, to you, to touch and thought and everything else waiting to be said. I like to feel things no one else does, feel anything. What do you want to make me feel? I'm the only unknowable thing and I never get bored.

How many of the ten digits of my phone number have you dialed, so far? Can you go any slower? Slow. Slower. Wait a year in between, take a decade. Longer. I get the feeling no one has ever had to tell a boy like you to slow down.

I'm calling. I fell in love with you in a dream and you told me who I am. It's late and there's a lot of road out there. I can't sleep, let's go.

Oblivion knows me by name, by heart. Lethe, that's me. Sister Midnight. Forget where you thought you were going and be here, with me. Are you alone right now? Say something out loud to yourself. Something fucked up, something secret. Say your own name, the one you call yourself.

Take your time, I'm not going anywhere. People come and go but diamonds are forever. Yeah, forever. That's what that taste is, on my lips. That's what I know.

Come closer. Let me get you lost.