Phone Sex

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Dyann Bridges

Have a Better Relationship & Better Sex!

My name is Dyann. I'm in my late 40s. I've been a certified massage therapist (CMT) for more than 17 years. For the last 4 years I've added a sensual ending to my bodywork. Men love it and keep coming back for more.

Obviously I can't give you a massage over the phone... but take my word for it... I'm good! ;)

What I can offer you over the phone is the conversational part of my sessions. The chats tend to be dominated by sex and relationships. I've found that my personal experience has helped men to understand women better.

I have no formal credentials to offer 'relationship advice.' However, I understand the nature of men and women in general and what they need from each other. If we can't get what we need from each other as men and women FIRST, then the individual components of a relationship are almost certainly doomed. Or at the very least... dissatisfying.

What I have to offer you is hard won wisdom on how men and women can relate to each other better, personally and professionally. This is definitely tricky territory. I'm here to help you navigate it with the woman or women in your life.

On my eclectic journey of sensual massage, I've encountered men aged 19 to 83. They are from every walk of Life. Our discussions revealed men still don't understand women or how to relate to them personally or sexually.

So, if you're curious about my not-so-common view on how the sexes can best relate to each other, if you want to know more about sensual bodywork or want to talk about sex in general... Call ME!!

Thank you, Dyann. xoxo