Phone Sex

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Bio: I'm 27 and have returned to school this year to pursue my masters in Education. There's a possibility I will go on to earn a PhD, but that depends on my ability to hold up under post graduate life. The feeling of being chased by reading materials and robbed by tuition fees can be tiring. : D. I am passionate about my studies, though, and feel strongly about the importance of creating critical thinkers instead of mindless memorizers in our educational institutions.

Relationship Status: Married 6 months. My husband is an airline pilot who is gone for a large majority of the time. We both have realistic views regarding human needs and sexuality, however. So we have a very sane understanding that what happens when we are away from each other is natural and likely good for the health of our marriage.

Sex, Real Life: I didn't have sex until I was 21. I'm not really sure why, but I suffered an almost crippling shyness before that point. My first kiss was at 19 actually. I have since researched on why I might have been so paralyzed in regards to my sexual development, and believe I was simply "love shy". It wasn't the sex itself I was shy of, but of interacting on such a primal and personal level with another human being. It's likely I would have remained love shy for years longer, accept my roommate at college was a fierce and open minded girl who took me under her wing. Her family actually owned a sex shop and she worked there part time, so she was uniquely well informed on all sexual matters. Meeting my roommate and the way she helped me embrace my own sexuality will forever be a defining point in my life.

Sex, Phone: The first time I had phone sex was my senior year of college, after my boyfriend joined the military. I think it is a marvel of human sexuality that we can react to a voice the same way we respond to a touch. And even though at that point I shaken off much of my shyness, I found phone sex allowed me to be freer and dirtier and nastier. The hottest fucking I've ever had were always after those calls, when we brought the phone fantasy into real life.