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NEW:Serve the Priestess of Light and GET IT RIGHT!

If you're letting your Mistress destroy you,
you're not doing it right.
Serve the Priestess of Light

Are you caught in Dark sexual practices that trouble you?

Have you let someone mess with your mind?

Have you surrendered your will?

Priestess Adorrah can teach you how to
enjoy fetishes AND your Mistress
without harming or bankrupting yourself!

Learn to stay sane while playing dirty.

It's not fun anymore. You want to stop. But you can't cum without thinking of your servitude to the woman with whom you are obsessed.

Maybe you can't even stay hard without extreme fantasies.

There was some appeal in becoming her submissive, but now dependence doesn't feel so good. The humiliation doesn't trigger that rush anymore; the degradation just feels foul.

What began as a restless drive to experience the ultimate has now become a life-sapping obsession.

You LOVE it. You are tormented.

You HATE it. You are shamed.

You gotta...have gotta...leave her and her money-grabbing ways behind!

Turn to Priestess Adorrah, a Priestess of Light and Love, to regain Sexual Sanity.

Tribute then call
Priestess Adorrah if:
  • a vixen hypnotized you to follow her commands;
  • she reeled you in with sweet sexy talk and then delighted in keeping you on the hook;
  • you chose to be her slave and now you feel used up;
  • your home has become her domain and you just a second thought;
  • you don't really believe that you and all men are scum and women are naturally superior;
  • it no longer feels right that she has all the power and you none;
  • you want to serve her, but not because you are worthless.

Tribute Priestess $20 BEFORE you call Call now
Priestess Adorrah will inspire you to
play without losing Soul or Self.

The fetishes are not the problem. Your Mistress is not the problem. The problem is how much self you have given up. You and your decisions are the problem.

Call now to start on your journey toward saving your Self, your Soul, your relationship and perhaps even your life. Priestess Adorrah will help you enjoy — and in many cases continue to pay — your sexy and dominating playmate without giving her too much of your life force.

With Priestess Adorrah your worship of the Goddess will empower instead of exhaust you. With Adorrah, Priestess of the Light, you can transition out of worshipping evil by devoting your body to luminosity. You will devote your self to:

  • desire infused with radiance;
  • fetish play ruled by you, even when you pretend it is governed by another;
  • sex scandalously informed -- but not controlled -- by your buried Shadow self;
  • naughty nastiness without worship of evil;
  • life not destruction;
  • Light not Dark.
You can trust Priestess Adorrah. She serves the Light.

I am not here to pleasure you. This not fantasy. I am not a fake therapist. I am a powerful woman available to help you rediscover your vitality and manhood.

This is not phone sex.
This is changing how you do sex.
This is saving your Self.
This is learning new ways to cum. (If you become an Initiate).
This is serious stuff.

Here are some words you will hear me use:

  • Embodied Pleasure
  • Body Consciousness
  • Observing Eye
  • Servant of the Light
  • The Principles of Empowered Sex

If that is too introspective for you, you are NOT ready.
If that is too intense for you, you are NOT Ready.
Suffer some more and call me later.

But if that makes you curious ... If that offers a lifeline you can find nowhere else ... If that makes you thirsty to learn more ... Then tribute and call me now. Then we'll see if you should fill out an application to be accepted as a Novice in the Sexual Sanity Program.

RULE # 1: You may NOT cum or play with yourself during phone calls.
If you do, you owe Priestess a Masturbation Penance:

Penance for touching yourself during call You owe $30 penance if you cum during a call

RULE # 2: Call me Priestess!
Do NOT call me "goddess" or "mistress."
Call me "PRIESTESS" or "Priestess Adorrah."
Do not disrespect my abilities and training by calling me only "Adorrah."
Do not call me by my other Niteflirt name, Sallie the Sexual Psychic, as here I work in service to Light and the Great Goddess.
Pronunciation: "uh-DOOR-uh"

Show you're serious. Tribute Priestess Adorrah $10 before you call. Show you're serious. Tribute Priestess Adorrah $20 before you call.

FOLLOW THE PROGRAM and you might be eligible to become an Initiate to train as a Sexual Servant of the Light. The most advanced students MIGHT ascend to the status of Sanctified Lover IF I decide to give you that esteemed status.

Tribute me BEFORE your call. Show your appreciation for my work helping men find sexual sanity, regardless of whether you have the strength and clarity of mind to enter the Sexual Sanity Program:

$25 tribute

$50 tribute

IF you are ready to stop being a victim and start bringing all of who you are to both fetish play and lovemaking, tribute me first, then call me.

Save your self.

Tribute Priestess Adorrah.

Then call Priestess Adorrah.


Tribute Priestess $20 BEFORE you call Call now