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Datura DiVine

▼Est. subs can call. New subs must email 1st.▼

ATTENTION: ✶✶✶✶!!You are required to email Me for permission to call!!✶✶✶✶ This line is for those who wish to submit to hypnotic slavery, not those seeking casual trance.

A man like you needs to be trained, controlled and used, because he knows deep inside that it is his purpose in life.

Controlling and guiding My inferiors and being worshiped is Mine.

You may already realize that there are certain psychological triggers that make your fetish for powerful, greedy Women completely overwhelming, but only now, as you are sitting there eagerly devouring every word, are you beginning to believe that there was always something more to it. Something deeper. Larger. You may have tried to convince yourself that it's 'just a fetish' but in fact, it's an inescapable part of who you are.

I am here to draw that out, and you have been led to Me because it is your fate. You need My voice, My power, My beauty...Men the world over beg for My attention, and you want to be one of the select group that is allowed to receive it.

Don't worry, dreams can come true..for a price.

Let Me slither into your mind and plant My intoxicating seeds. It's all for the best, dear. You're not complete, yet. You're unfinished. You need to be smoothed out, brought under, and evolved by My voice. Luckily for you, and unluckily for your ego, I am not 'kind'. I am just. I am fair. I am Good.

Sometimes, being lenient is the opposite of those things, as with men, and so... I simply am not.

What you've always needed is a Goddess with the power to push beyond the veil and take you mind, body and soul. It must feel so good now to realize that you've found Her.

My work is alchemy; transforming the filthy clay of man into the gold of wealth ...for Me~

FLIRTS: I do not appreciate having My listings faved or having My content purchased w/o permission. Don't.

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