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Spoiled Cuckold Barbie

Greedy Cuckolding Size Queen Fucking Your Wallet

I was BORN to be Spoiled, so be a good little pet and Buy All of My Stuff. Live for Me, Breathe for Me, Work for Me, Suffer for Me Cuz you WILL NEVER Measure UP...It's All About Me! I'm the Hottest and Most Spoiled Cuckold Barbie you Will Never Meet! I'm Greedy and Demanding cuz I'm perfect and I deserve EVERYTHING. DRAINING YOU TO RUIN IS MY SPECIALTY!

I'm the Highly Addictive One and Only Spoiled Barbie Princess, a controlling little tease that knows how to use My perfect body to torment you into complete submission. Your dick will NEVER measure up and NEITHER will you!! As if I would ever fuck you...duh. Listen are here for one reason spoil ME rotten while I tease your cock into a rock hard dripping mess for ME. I won't fuck you but I sure will cuckold you while TAKING all your MONEY! I love to USE pathetic fucktards like you while draining your pathetic little cock and raping your wallet dry. I'm too perfect to have to go be a good boy and make more money for ME to spend! 
for My own amusement.

Some of My favorite fetishes include: BBC and Cuckolding, Edging, Ruined Orgasm, Tease and Deny and REAL Orgasm Denial, Ruined Orgasm, Edging, Chastity, JOI, Humiliation; including Public, Verbal and Cam Humiliation, Blackmail, Cock and Ball Torture, Forced Bi, Pain Play, Rubber Dolls, Bimbofication, Hormone Therapy, Brainwashing, Sissification and Forced Feminization, Mind Control and Hypnotic Suggestions, Smothering, Ass and Tit Worship, Body Worship, Foot Worship, Financial Domination, Financial Fetishists, Human ATM Draining and So Much More!

We both know I am superior to you in every way and My perfect HUGE bouncy breasts, exquisite loser crushing ass and perfect feet will addict and destroy you. I have all the power beta losers. This is My world and to be in it is a fucking privilege you will work for. I'm looking for REAL slaves and subs to serve Me; worshipping Me, humiliating themselves for My pleasure, submitting to My torments, and of course, buying everything off My page, more than once, and paying for MY dates with REAL men - you know, the opposite of you! Now that is REAL servitude losers. I get spoiled daily with gifts and cash deposits, so you better set yourself apart to get MY attention. I don't need you, I'm just greedy enough to want to take all your money!

Let's be honest, I'm perfect and you're pathetic. You are here to amuse Me and are nothing more than a toy for Me to torment. I'm way hotter than your fat pig of a wife or girlfriend. I love REAL MEN and BIG COCKS, so right there we both know you will never measure up. You know the only way to get My attention is with your wallet as you confess all of your humiliating secrets to Me. I deserve everything and you know it. Worshipping Me is your new life mission. One taste of My perfection, your cock will be rock hard and your brain will turn to mush, and that's when the REAL fun begins. You will do anything and everything to get MY attention. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to meet your One and Only Addiction.

And just so you know freak, viewing My page is going to cost you $$$. The price of staring at My perfection is either Tributing Me or purchasing My PPVs slut. Just think of this as a Spoiled Barbie Princess Drive-ByFucking. This is your First Test as My potential slave in training. Don't Fuck Up.

FYI - I get off on taking your money, humilating you, twisting you around My finger, controlling your cock, refusing to give you an orgasm, making you beg, training you to be My pay bitch, seducing you into destruction, making you eat your own pathetic load, dressing you up as My sissy bitch, addicting you to my perfect ass and drool worthy tits, having you confess all your dirty secrets and SO much more! Any questions? Or has your brain turned to MUSH...LOL

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