Phone Sex

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 Obey me. Give Me Everything

I'm Charlotte. You may address Me as either Goddess Charlotte, or Miss Charlotte. Any other form of addressing Me is unsatisfactory and will result in swift punishment. You will use the proper title every time you address Me. 

I am a life style domme, and I am not here to waste my time with false submissives. If you call Me, you had better be a real sub. You will tell Me about your experiences with dommes, and your limits. I will decide if you are worthy of My time.

When you call Me, you will cater to My desires first. I take sadistic pleasure in controlling and dehumanizing submissives like you. I want to humiliate and degrade you. I want to cause you agony. And, most of all, I want you to beg for more.

You'd better be into at least one of the following, or don't even bother calling Me:


BDSM Roleplaying

Humiliation / Degradation

Ignoring you

Kink Shaming


Raise the Rate Game

Worshipping a Goddess 



Call Me, and don't disappoint.

Want Me to watch you as I humiliate and degrade you? Buy My Skype ID and take pleasure in knowing that I'm laughing at you.