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Mistress Cynisca

Absolute Domination by Mistress Cynisca

A Sexual Goddess, Mistress Cynisca




I WILL make you feel just as worthless and tiny as you know you are.

Of course I know how to train an inexperienced ass-cunt, but I also crave the submission of longtime sissy fucks with big blown out "pussies". Does my pleasure in being a bitch to your worthless ass make you hard? BAD BOY! No hard cocks without my permission.


One thing you should know about me is that I know I'm better than you. If you don't like it when a smart cunt reminds you how silly and small you really are then we won't get along. However, if you want to know the truth I'll welcome you with open arms. Here is a brief list of my FAVORITE types of games to play with my slaves/pets:

I have rules about cumming. I control your sissy clit, not you.
 It depends on your attitude how carefully I must watch you.)

Obviously, I know I'm better than you, but do you know?
 Tell Me how I outshine you.

You can tell me why I'm so AMAZING, that's good.
Well now I get to tell you why you're scum.

Puppy/Pony play
I just think me subbies look so CUTE wagging their little ass tails for me!

Bank Rape

Let me fuck your bank account the way I fuck your ass. Sure, I’ll play with your clit-cock while I do it, but you know I deserve that cash and YOU DON’T! You’re worthless and you like it that way, don’t you my little ass-licker?

Speaking of, I have needs...

Pegging/Prostate Milking/Futanari
I love to fuck your ass-pussy with my various strap-ons and feeldos. I also find the phone is an excelent place for me to explore my fantasy of growing my OWN massive cock to fuck you with.

I have a REAL man to fuck me, so real he can even turn my sweet pussy down sometimes. Not like you, you sniveling worm. The cuts I leave on your psyche will only be that much deeper after you've listened to me adore his beautiful ten inches with my mouth. You'll love hearing it so much you'll start to wonder how it would feel up your ass.

In short, this is what I think of you.

If you want to be one of my locked sissies, or love to be held accountable, Buy me a Cage and these locks. We can talk via Email about the conditions of your Ownership, and when I’m satisfied I will mail you your cage. Can you imagine the anticipation? I will also include some sentimental artifacts you can worship… at a cost.

I want to train you. If you are a good dedicated little pet, by the time I'm done with you my voice alone will make your cock hard, and you'll be cumming on command, like a well trained dog.

My page will only get more complete as time progresses. Soon I will have even more way for you to worship me and spoil me, for now you will have to call me to get any of my other contact information, slut.