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Show you My T&A? Dress scantily?

Forget it! You do not deserve that...and never will!

I am an iron fist, encased in a velvet glove.

My every whim and wish is your command.
I simply require your total obedience, your self-abasement at My feet, and your glorification of all that is Mistress Ava.

If you are looking for a scantily-clad cam-girl who THINKS that she is a dominatrix because she knows how to hold up her middle fingers and can shout On your knees, worm! then do not look here.

I have several years experience, as both a lifestyle and pro-domme. A few years ago, I was Owner/Head Mistress of a commercial Dungeon in Houston, Texas. I have had a 24-7 relationship for six years, which I have recently ended.

My style is not the screaming harpy type of domina. I prefer to speak softly and carry a big stick. Thus, I command with a whisper. I am more interested in getting into the mind of My submissive than I am in shouting common, lame phrases-du-jour.

My ideal submissive need not have any experience; however, I do insist upon their actual interest in becoming My submissive. My potential sub's looks and/or body type are not as important to Me as their intellect and willingness to submit. I will not ridicule My submissive's fetishes, as I believe that fetishes should be experienced and cherished, instead of being felt as sources of shame.