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Teen Princess Val

★ Welcome to my dirty secret life. ★

★ Welcome to my dirty secret life. ★

My name's Valorie, but my friends call me Val. I'm almost nineteen, I go to community college, I like to do volunteer work around the holidays & I still live at home - but that's not why you're here, is it?

I remember the first time I watched a video online I knew I shouldn't. I started watching when I'd get home from school, before my parents got there. From escalated. My best friend and I started "experimenting" and fooling around whenever we had sleepovers at her house or mine.

I'm a good girl most of the time. I get good grades. I say grace before we eat and do the dishes after. I donate to the needy. But I have a dirty mind and I love to fantasize throughout the day. When I'm sitting in traffic, waiting at a doctor's office, in a boring lecture, my mind wanders until I've invented a sexual dreamland in ten minutes or less. And my best friend? We still fool around. Sometimes I take pictures at her house - dirty pictures for just us to look at - because her dad's a photographer and she's got all the good gear.

I may not be the most experienced girl, but my imagination runs wild and I can barely keep up with myself. I want to tell you all my secret fantasies, but even more, I want to hear yours. I want to be that girl you imagine as you touch yourself. Imagine me, imagining you: to think of you, thinking of me, as you climax, to be the sound in your ears and the face in your mind, would be heaven.

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Interests: GFE, bisexual fantasies, all kinds of roleplaying like student/teacher, submission, oral...and willing to try anything once for you ★