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My name is Nessa

Call me if you need someone who is an attentive listener and I will sincerely nurture and enlighten you with an intelligent, compassionate, and objective point of view. We will talk about life, work, relationships, money, family, or anything else that is on your mind.

I can help you regain your sense of self worth and confidence to keep striving to accomplish your goals and make your dreams become a reality. I know what it feels like to believe we are all alone in this world, people just passing each other by as they fiddle with their cell phones. Don't you agree that It's time to step out from hiding in the dark shadows and towards the bright and beautiful creation of life. Live to succeed, hold your head high to embrace each breath, and fulfill your destiny! Whether you are looking to confide in someone, build a harmonious connection between souls, discover meaning in your life, recover from a tough day, week, year, life... Reach out to me. I will enable you to rediscover the wondrous feeling of being alive.

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When you call me you will realize that I may look young but I had to grow up fast to face a harsh reality. After years of struggling to deal with the relentless obstacles obscuring the border of right and wrong, I have matured into a bright and caring woman. I have extensive academic knowledge and experience in the mental health and medical fields. My interest has always been psychology, criminal justice, and lending a helping hand.

That's right- I am the perfect woman - well educated and devilishly sexy - and

I am dying to hear your voice!

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Here's the deal- I am currently working my way through graduate school to earn my medical degree. I figure I can offer my unique character and services in exchange for your financial support- WIN- WIN!!!

You're just in luck because I am a woman with a plethora of special talents and interests!

A few of my specialties:

-Mental Health and Wellness Promotion

-Substance Abuse and Addiction

-Crisis Intervention

-Vocational Advisement

-Stress Management

-Anxiety Management

-Energy Conservation

-Work Simplification






-Behavior Modification/ Contract


-Time Management and Planning

-Co-Morbidity, Death, Bereavement

-Couples Counseling

-Finding Personal Meaning


Contact me if you need an educated and objective point of view...

OR if you just want to connect with the sexiest woman you'll ever encounter!

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Don't underestimate the low cost of my services!

I am eager to assist you with immediate concerns, but I value returning clients and the opportunity to develop rapport and maximize potential therapeutic benefits.

True, I need your money to keep a roof over my head, but I genuinely thrive off of helping others any way that I can!

Let me help you fill that perpetual void in your life. Contact me to be freed from your cursed monotonous life and meaningless existence.

Share your soul with me OR bare nothing- I will earn your trust and help you become more satisfied and improve the quality of your life!

XO- Nessa

P.S. I am just getting started on perfecting my page, but trust me when I say that you will be satisfied with the quality of care I'll provide you when you give me a call!

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