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When I was in my late teens and early twenties girls were my thing. I really just loved they way they smelled, felt and tasted. I liked the taste of pussy on my lips. The feel of their soft hair brushing all over me while I kissed them was one of the most sensual things I think I have ever felt. I was a wild thing then and tried so many new things I couldn't get enough of being a naughty girl. I was first introduced to anal sex before my twentieth birthday and it was such a huge rush the orgasms I had were so intense. I greatly enjoy the feeling of a man giving me a long slow rimming before he sticks his cock deep inside my tight ass hole. I have to say if there was a pussy laid out before me while I was getting that big thick cock I was in the most perfect place a girl like me could be. There was something about being pinned between a man and a woman that even thinking about it now gets me super wet. Then I got married to a wonderful man but he never knew about my dirty past. Now that I am on my own I decided I was going to enjoy the things I used to get when I was younger. This is my dirty secret and no one at my church knows what I do. I have went out and secretly bought me a bunch of new toys, some tight feminine corsets, and there is a collection of high heels hidden in the very back of my closet. I have always enjoyed sex greatly and I am a true squirter not those girls that you can just tell they are not squirting but one that gushes everywhere. I am very intelligent and think of fun kinky things to do all the time. I have a strong pull towards girls and all their wonderful assets. I just have to get dirty with some girls when I can go out of town. I get a hotel room and pick up a local girl generally she is a slut. I indulge myself for a weekend in the smell of pussy and the taste of a nipple. Taking all my toys to have some secret girls only fun with. Then go back to my normal suburbia life.

You are the only person that I will confess all these naughty things to.

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