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Let me tell you all my secrets that no one knows about it. All week long I am the good church girl I work at the Church, I help with all the charities, I dress conservative and I act accordingly. On the weekends though that is my naughty time. I like to get together with a stranger and do all those things we are not suppose to do. I remember when I was young how much I enjoyed saying every curse word that I could get to come across my lips. Now when I can get away talking dirty is such a sinfully fun thing to do. A few times a year I get to go out of town away from all the prying eyes of my little town when I do if I can find a willing partner I indulge myself in some sex in public places. I like the feeling of the wind against my skin while we have hot and horny outdoor sex. Every time I go out of town I buy a new toy sometimes it is a vibrator (though they soon wear out) sometimes it is a big thick dildo some people collect trinkets I collect sex toys. I am so happy when I find a big strong man to give me a bare handed spanking I will just stare at those red marks and hope they don't fade to fast. I like a man that is passionate and gives me hard, passionate, rough sex. I am not into getting hurt I like the accidental bruises that happen when you are just too much in the moment. There is nothing quite like a night of just being animalistic towards each other pushing each other down, hard kisses that leave little bruises on the lips, a hand print left hear or there for a woman like me these little indications last for days. I will masturbate to my randevu over and over again. I have a secret box of leather and latex clothes in my closet behind all my good girl dresses. When I am alone during the day I get them out put them on and enjoy the feeling of them all over my body. They are such scandalous things but I do not care. What everyone does not know will not hurt anyone. I wouldn't want to change my world I just want to step on the naughty side every now and then.

Call me and tell me about your naughty times.

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