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After all my domestic chores are done I really enjoy getting dressed up in soft silky girly things. There is something about a full pair of pantyhose especially when they are control top. I really like how they are tight around my tummy. The sound of the hose as I walk around is just a sexy gorgeous sound. I wear them all the time I think a woman's legs look best when covered in pantyhose. When I am feeling a little naughty but do not want anyone to know about it I will bring out the garter belt and thigh highs. Just a flash of the top of thigh highs lets me be naughty and nice at the same time. Oops I didn't mean to do that or did I? I know you like my feet they are not exactly tiny and they get super sweaty. When we are just sitting around I will place them in your lap for you to slowly stroke with your strong manly fingers. When you bring my toes up to your lips and give them a kiss it gives me the shivers all up and down. If you suck on those toes I am yours for the night. I enjoy wrapping my feet around your hard thick penis. If I can take control of your orgasm with those feet of mine that is just a powerful thing for me. I will always dress up and be a proper girl on the outside. We can go anywhere and no one will know just how bad a girl I am capable of being. I like the old fashion lingerie best the full bottom satin panties, garter belts,and lots of slips. I mainly wear dresses as I am suppose to be a good church girl. Please do not tell my secret as all the ladies at church would make my life so hard. Just between you and me I like being very naughty and I enjoy a man that knows how to take care of a woman. Sometimes I will go without panties so that you and I can steal away to a dark corner while we have some quick fun. When we are done you are not even allowed to look my way.

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