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Maybe I am really strange but I enjoy the smell of sex and all the smells of kink. I am shameless in how I enjoy sex. I have a bit of leather fetish the smell and feel of it the way it squeaks when you move. The coolness of it when you first put it on and how it warms up to the temperature of your skin. For me ice is also a fetish too the way it makes the skin super sensitive then a warm mouth to intensify the feeling. Dressing up is a ton of fun from garter belts to silky stockings and all the other things that go with being a powerful sexual being. I know you like fetish clothing as much as I do satin, silk, lace, mesh, leather and all the fun kinds we can come up with. My medium size feet are perfect for getting filthy then making you clean up those dirty feet. Wrapping them around your cock then giving you a footjob while using those feet for some foot humiliation. I enjoy using those fishnets to tickle those big balls of yours makes me smile. I have a big round bottom that I enjoy putting across your head and enjoying some grinding face sitting time. I know that my bottom swinging back and forth is just erotic magic for you every time you try and look away I draw you back in. It is okay stop resisting and just give over to the world of ass swing. I have recently discovered chastity and it so much fun to be able to lock up a your throbbing member and make it all mine. I know you thought that having a facial evening meant I was going to wear the cum but I think it would be more fun if you took that load of hot sperm. However we decide to spend our evening it will be fun and full of the smell of kink.

I am the girl next door. I adore dressing up and absolutely love 40's style both the makeup, hair, shoes, and fashion. I was raised around men completely I can shoot, chew (though I don't), drink hard liquor, and am not afraid of animals nor bugs. I can watch football, baseball, and basketball(this is my least favorite sport to be honest) with you. I know the difference between drum breaks and disc breaks. I left the Midwest to go to college in California; out here I am exploring all different kinds of fun things. I have a room mate that is a cross dressing self declared "faggot" and we have a lot of fun together. I would have not been able to do a lot of the things in Oklahoma that I can do here. I do not fit in well with the California girls I am a little to country and way to outspoken, but I have made a lot of outcast friends like myself. I am here to have a great time and to help pay my bills it is expensive to be here these people really enjoy charging for things we just do not pay for in the Midwest. I enjoy a great role play so if you want to have some fun with me tell me about those things that run through your deviant mind. Sissy guys are my current favorite but that is just because it is so new and there are so many opportunities. I enjoy a "real" man they can be hard to find out here the Southern Cali but I do so enjoy them. I am a natural redhead yes the curtain does match the carpet. My breasts are all mine and they are "D's". I am curvy because I do things girls should do like eat, play sports, and work on. If you are looking for someone who can have a great conversation, is kinky, and can cuss like a sailor that I am your girl!

I am a leather and latex girl. I am tall almost six foot and over with heels. There is no better aphrodisiac then the smell of leather. The feel of latex on my skin always makes me want to beat someone good.
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