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My big box of toys is growing all the time I am a regular at the local adult toy store. They just have some really cool stuff and I want to own it all. I am the first to admit I am a size queen I am absolutely not into paltry peckers. There is so much kink to explore that I do not think I will ever stop finding new ways to get have wonderful orgasms. I want to someday own a fucking machine but those things are so expensive. When I was in a recent car wreck and broke my arm the doctor gave me a tens machine if you are not familiar this is a little device that sends electric charges to help with muscle and nerve damage. I soon discovered the kink side of this which is electric play and this is a lot of fun. Everyone seems think that deep throating is a girl thing but I prefer a strap on shoved down the majority of guys throats. I like to such a nice cock but those are so rarely found the vast majority are tiny little things. I am a country girl which means I know how to tie knots. I am actually really good at tying all kinds of different knots especially the kind you can not get out of; we can have all kinds of bound orgasm fun. I will be the first to admit I am a huge cock tease I like to make it throb and keep it that way. A playmate recently introduced me to cock rings which are so much fun they make a cock thicker and stay harder for longer lengths of time. If you have read any of my stuff you know that I am a tomgirl but I adore pretty girly things I like to dress up and have lots of lingerie, dresses, heels, and corsets. Do you like big bottoms I have a natural large ass that I greatly enjoy doing a lot of booty shaking at the club. Whatever kind of fun you are thinking I bet I am just as kinky.

I am the girl next door. I adore dressing up and absolutely love 40's style both the makeup, hair, shoes, and fashion. I was raised around men completely I can shoot, chew (though I don't), drink hard liquor, and am not afraid of animals nor bugs. I can watch football, baseball, and basketball(this is my least favorite sport to be honest) with you. I know the difference between drum breaks and disc breaks. I left the Midwest to go to college in California; out here I am exploring all different kinds of fun things. I have a room mate that is a cross dressing self declared "faggot" and we have a lot of fun together. I would have not been able to do a lot of the things in Oklahoma that I can do here. I do not fit in well with the California girls I am a little to country and way to outspoken, but I have made a lot of outcast friends like myself. I am here to have a great time and to help pay my bills it is expensive to be here these people really enjoy charging for things we just do not pay for in the Midwest. I enjoy a great role play so if you want to have some fun with me tell me about those things that run through your deviant mind. Sissy guys are my current favorite but that is just because it is so new and there are so many opportunities. I enjoy a "real" man they can be hard to find out here the Southern Cali but I do so enjoy them. I am a natural redhead yes the curtain does match the carpet. My breasts are all mine and they are "D's". I am curvy because I do things girls should do like eat, play sports, and work on. If you are looking for someone who can have a great conversation, is kinky, and can cuss like a sailor that I am your girl!

I have only been on my own for a short while but I am learning there are some awesome toys out there. One of my favorite places to visit when I have a few extra dollars is the local sex store and the local hardware store. There is so much a girl can make for fun time in a hardware store. I have gathered up a few really fun things to play with I like it big with lots of ridges. I have discovered that I really enjoy tying people up and using my toys on them. Few men satisfy me either they are too small in the package or have fast triggers. I have to have my toys I need sex and lots of it. I get very grumpy if I do not get off at least a few times a day. I have tried vibrators but I kill them so fast that I am constantly replacing them hoping that some day soon I can get a plug in version that will last as long as I do. All the people at the sex store know me I am there that much I have actually thought about applying for a job there wonder if they give an employee discount? Join me for some toy fun.Don't worry I have some for you too! You might be slightly more stretched out in certain areas but that is part of the fun!
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