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open you up to pervsion and worse curruption and darkness in there deepest unstable state. Like sulfiric Acid boiled to Gas to enrich the atoms with oxgen so the previously uncondesnable matter can consume annahydrise amonia, This is Serivce/line is here to take your absolute and complete resolve and cause some much lust in your mind eye, that your mental state will be so aggiated it will pyshical produce friction in your syntex, (or compasator,) your cortex or nerve cortex will ignite your perspective to gas and become extremely unstable, and combustable, then ill mix in the debouarchery and darkness thats in already in your soul, making a new atomic structure, then we will bring you to combust, and rapidly cool you, and multiple the cool process with the lack of temptation, only your orgasm gone, money spent, instant gratification with instant ending through the calls end, and your orgasm spent, and your concious or self berating, (for whatever reason, currency spent on non tangaible thing, your depravity and desire for deviance and debouachery etc) this will dual cool the rapid cool ensure the Darkness i rise from you soul like warmth to a pore infected pulling it from your depths were you place it denie its existence, will bond and become your new atomic make up unitl your no longer Deviant, or Dark of humanity, but instead become as The split atom, so perverse and aginst nature that your very existence is uncontanable, with energy that is so intense it trancends realms, as well as is undestroyable, radioactive adam with unstable atomic stucture that has no limitions expect what is right or natural all other realms will be yours