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Britney Bond

Fem Dom Exploits You on Cam - Cum Watch me OWN YOU

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you lucky, lucky fool.
as fate would have it, you landed on My profile.
your relentless search is over, you have finally found what you've been looking for.

The most spectacular incarnation, the perfect materialization of the Goddess you have hidden in your subconscious.
you are in awe and intimidated but overwhelmingly intrigued by My beauty.
you want a taste.....
you can't pass up this opportunity, the thrill of the chase is just too much for you to deny.
and knowing that it's dangerous only adds to the level of excitement you feel rushing through your entire body, it's so strong you can't resist.
you have to call, you have to do this, it's for your own good, after all you work hard all week long, you deserve this
so, you abandon your self control, you throw yourself in head first to experience being in My presence.
you feel so vulnerable, open and exposed.
and then a strange thing happens, you're unbelievably aroused, it's completely taking over your body, your mind, your soul.
you think to yourself, i need this, this makes sense, i have to do this, this is exactly what i need, i'm doing it.
you LOVE interacting with Me, it feels so RIGHT.
you're throbbing hard, you are So hot, you want this to last forever, you're insanely turned on by Me, you'll do anything I tell you do to.
you think to yourself, why did i wait so long to call Britney? what am i so scared of, she is the most amazing thing to happen to me in my entire life.
you can't stop fantasizing about Me.
you're hooked.
in your mind, you're in a relationship with Me.
it's everything you ever wanted, and you have it, now you panic a little because you realize you are easily replaceable
you never want this to end, so you go overboard, you send gift after gift, tribute after tribute, you go without so that you can continue to spoil Me, this is where you belong, you feel good about yourself,this is exactly what you needed in your life.
I'm so HOT and SEXY and PERFECT, you'll do ANYTHING to please Me.

just like that, your life is changed from the boring mundane sad existence you had into a magical wonderland of carnal pleasure and satisfaction.

I am everything you need to go on, to add life back into that void you called living.

it's time to take the first step in the process of transforming your life.....
look into My eyes and let yourself fall....
imagine being at My feet, gazing upon their perfection, the wrinkles, the smoothness, the way My arches are superbly defined, can you resist?
working your way up, you revel in the way My shapely legs keep going and going, long, lean supple flesh...
My hourglass body mesmerizes you...
My exquisite large full breasts have you ravaging your wallet for more money to gift to Me, you turn into an uncontrollable tribute sending maniac, and it makes you rock hard. The more you give the more turned on you get. You can't stop, you're addicted to Me. You're so entranced with My stunning beauty.
My eyes are hypnotic, they keep you enthralled, My lips utter the words you long to hear.
I am the Goddess you can't live without.
you must Obey, Worship and Serve Me.
now that you've found Me, you can't let Me go.......

The high vibrational energy I emit can't be duplicated.
you feel it, you crave it, you need it to survive.

You're unbelievably aroused by My Photographs.
You're drunk on My words.

Come to Me Now.

xo Britney Bond

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