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Evil Opal

Hand your ego over to the Happy Humiliatrix

I love submissive men.

You know, weak, susceptible subbies just like YOU. You're so much fun to tease, to play with, to manipulate and use to do my bidding. I love to see how far you'll go for me, how much you'll sacrifice, how deeply you'll degrade yourself for me. And more than anything I especially love to make you BEG for your own abuse - how utterly humiliating, LOL!

It just gives me such a joyous rush to exercise my power over you…that's what makes me the Happy Humiliatrix!

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You'll grow addicted to my mocking laughter

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Before you call me:

  • 1. Gather together any sex toys or bdsm gear you have available, as well as any girly clothes or makeup, sharpie pens, and interesting dick-shaped objects
  • 2. If you're able to take pictures/videos for me, have your camera ready to go!
  • 3. Be prepared to tell me as soon as I answer the phone what kind of little bitch boy you are.

After every call be sure to show your appreciation with 5-star feedback and thank you gifts (CLICK HERE to visit my wishlist) - you want to keep Goddess smiling, and ensure that she remains your HAPPY HUMILIATRIX!

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