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Master Xak

Do you even deserve to sniff MY jockstrap?

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JOCKSTRAPS: 'You know you love 'em. You love wearing 'em, you love how they make the pants or jeans feeeel against your bare ass... How athletically 'in perspective' you feel when wearing one (even if you don't go to the gym)*.

I wear mine a few days or longer sometimes. Some guys never wash their jockstraps. I like guys who live in their jockstraps and/or underwear. Get 'em stiff and sticky. So hot under your pants. Everything below your waist is all PANTS.... Now snap that waistband, reach in and jerk it.

How necessary it is to always be looking for them and glancing in any direction that they may be seen... Hanging on hooks, soiled with that male muskiness, the muskiness that smells one part fertilizer and one part forest--that male smell. The bulges, packages and assorted lumps, tents and poles that poke outward from... yes, JOCKSTRAPS... Where there's JOCKSTRAPS, there are JOCKS... and where there are JOCKS... there are JOCKSTRAPS...

The JOCKSTRAP represents the most simple, easy, male garment allowable. It protects the penis and testicles while telling everyone that it is protecting the penis and testicles. It's PROUD—if a little dumb. And so are the men who wear them-—most of the time. Well, it's all debatable. Why don't we debate it, or better yet, call and tell me what YOU think...

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