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Jane Starr


I dont care what the hell you believe in. You'll be praying for redemption soon enough. You want girls like Myself so badly it fills you with a hopelessness you cant begin to face alone. W/we both know your soul is hurting. The same way your body is. Lusting after everything I am you just cant bring yourself to have. It makes you feel so perfectly awful. I can feel your shame. It's so dark. You cant save yourself. But you can experience a momentary reprieve. Confess everything that MAKES ME SICK you worthless little thing. I LOVE HUNTING YOU DOWN. Showing you what real pain is. I cant wait to reach inside your barely beating heart and clutch your sticky black shame in my fist. I'll remind you why YOURE SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT TO YOURSELF.

You fantasize about Me but you cant tell your wife or your friends or anyone because oh god now they'll know just how broken you are. As in straight as a broken arrow "tough guy." Youre dying inside to feel my creamy body/kiss my beautiful face/that horribly powerful need to touch Me EVERYWHERE.

Tell Me how bad you want it all you coward. How much you dream of my milky tits you piece of damage. My mouth. My thighs. My thick white ass. My dirty secret that you would do anything to touch and suck and feel so deep...
Youre all alone honey.
What will the neighbors think.
How hard would your mother cry if she knew how fast you'd leave her dying in a car wreck. Just to caress the candy sweet panties of such a hot AF all american rich girl.(a rich transsexual girl)
Tell Me. You sad closet wannabe weekend warrior. Tell Me every little thing youve been clutching inside your entire lie of a life.

I Cant Wait.


✞ Miss Jane Starr ✞